Maybe Rabbi Shmuley has been reading this blog….

I know he hasn’t but it’s funny.  Shmuley Boteach pretty much wrote an article that expanded on some of my thoughts a few posts ago.  I’ve always thought that he was a bit of an opportunist, and I still think he is but I happen to like the majority of what he has written in the New York Observer article: Rabbi Shmuley on Duck Dynasty and Biblical Homophobia: What Walks and Quacks Like a Duck.

This is in reference to the Duck Dynasty dude (Google it) making incredibly homophobic (and racist) remarks under the guise of religion.  Here are a few salient points:

No country in the world is more obsessed with homosexuality than America. And judging from the constant religious attacks against gays, you would think it’s the only sin in the entire Bible. One might easily forget the fact that the word “abomination” appears approximately 122 times in the Hebrew Bible, including eating nonkosher food (Deuteronomy 14:3), a woman returning to her first husband after being married in the interim (Deuteronomy 24:4) (did anyone say Elizabeth Taylor?) and bringing a blemished sacrifice on God’s altar (Deuteronomy 17:1). Proverbs goes even further, labeling envy, lying and gossip “an abomination to the Lord” (3:32, 16:22). Still, if you’re religious, the only abomination you’ve ever heard of is homosexuality, which gives you the right to compare it to man-on-dog relations 24/7.

And very similar to what I wrote a few posts ago:

So if religious people were serious about their faith, they would treat those who smoke on the Sabbath with the same opprobrium they reserve for gays. The fact that they don’t shows that their opposition to homosexuality has little to do with religion and a lot to do with homophobia.

And finally, he offers something real to work with (IMHO):

Judaism, I feel, has a very healthy approach to homosexuality. It’s this simple. There are 613 commandments in the Torah. One is a prohibition on homosexual relations. Another is an obligation to have children. I tell gay couples all the time. “You have 611 commandments left to you. That should keep you busy. Now, go give charity, honor the Sabbath, put a mezuzah on your door, keep a kosher home, and pray to God three times a day for you are his beloved children and He seeks you out.”


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