How will I survive the teenage years?

I’ve been in contact with a fair amount of parents of LGBT kids over the past few weeks. It’s been amazing.  However, of all the parents I’ve spoken to the youngest kid they have is 18 and a Freshman in college.  Our son is a Freshman in high school.

This means he’s not only dealing with the LGBT issues but general teenage angst.  Let’s face it. Being a teenager sucks. I hated most of my teenage years and I actually had a decent childhood.  I had mood issues (depression and anxiety) and I know my son has those too.  Put that on top of him feeling like an outsider in a community which he doesn’t feel part of and it’s a recipe for disaster.

He’s acting out in school.  He has NEVER been a problem child. In middle school one of his teachers told me that “your son is a good citizen.”  And that’s who he has always been. But he doesn’t know what to do with his emotions.  AND he goes to therapy every week, has the ear of his school guidance counselor, parents who listen to everything he says, and is part of several groups. He is on medication for his anxiety.

I need a mother of teenage video to tell me that “It Gets Better.”


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