Conversation with the Boy

Recently, a knowledgeable adult informed me that my son isn’t the only LGBT kid in his high school.  I mean we know based on statistics that he isn’t, but I was told that there is another kid who is at least bi and has told some people.  I mentioned this to my son who immediately tried to guess who the other student is.  Here’s how the conversation went (fake names will be used to protect the completely innocent).

Him: Maybe it’s Michael Silverman (who happens to be one of the most popular boys in the high school).

Me: Really? I never got that vibe, but that would be awesome.  His parents are pretty powerful. Would be great to get them on board.

Him: I don’t think it’s either of the Friedman twins.  and it’s definitely not Eli Meisler, he makes a career out of having different girlfriends every week.

Me: What about Jack Smelkinson? I always got an uncomfortable vibe from him.

Him: Mom, I think he just has Asberger’s.

I think the takeaway here is that both my son and I have no clue what we’re talking about and that you can’t always guess who is and who isn’t gay.


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