Published Anonymously!

The Jewish Press published a letter I wrote as an op-ed.

I am happy they published it. I have two small issues though. One is that I’m not angry, nor is the tone of my letter angry at all, but I guess that might get people to read the letter. the second issue I have is that there is an ad for JONAH (not linking to them, sorry) on the same page as the letter I wrote. REALLY? REALLY? Argh.

In proud news, I got several emails from friends who know me asking if I wrote the letter. Not just because I have a 15 year old gay son, but also because of my “snarky writing style”. I’ve never been prouder.


4 thoughts on “Published Anonymously!

  1. Great letter, excellent snark!
    I wish I could post on my Facebook page, but the heat would create too much devastation. The FB community is reserved for pictures of fluffy kittens. Your blog has changed my mind, though. I always rallied for LGBTQ rights before I became frum… but then I got confused. I used to say that I was glad not to be a gay Jewish man and have to sort this out. I did not know the answer.
    Now I feel that since I do not know which mitzva is bigger than any other mitzva, neither do I know which aveira is bigger than any other aveira. Who am I to persecute? That’s my stance on gay Jewish men.

  2. Wow, 18mitzvot. Thank you. For letting me know that something I’ve written has made a difference. I think that your situation is common to many but it pleases me so much to know that you are able to look at things from a different perspective. Kol Hakavod.

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