JQY in the JP


Below is a mock up of a page from the Jewish Press.  They will be running the JQY ad seen at the bottom of the page.  This is HUGE.  No mainstream Orthodox publication has ever run an ad for an organization like JQY.  This was achieved by the tireless effort of the JQY folks and it is amazing.  Can you imagine if even just ONE person who needs help and wouldn’t have known about JQY otherwise sees this ad?  Can you imagine if just ONE person who might not have had sympathetic views towards LGBT people in the Orthodox world sees this and eventually changes his or her mind?

Up until now, LGBT people in the Orthodox world who were  looking for help or guidance would find ads for JONAH (once again, not linking to it) only if they’d look in the Jewish Press.  It’s an amazing thing that they can find a better, healthy kind of help now.  I’m not naive enough to think that the JP won’t get backlash for this. But I’m hoping they stay strong and don’t waiver on the decision to run this and future ads like it.



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