Bang. Head. Wall.

Just read a Facebook thread where one person made the following comments:

“There was  a reason people were embarrassed and staid (sic) in the closet.”

“It’s wrong and I don’t think Gd creates gay people.”

” The fact is we live in a sick society like sedom and ppl want to make it as if it’s normal. Come on it’s Adam and Eve not Steve.”

” forget the religious part of it where Gd hates gays and America is in trouble.”

“But can somone answer this if someone wanted to marry his or her dog. Can they fight for legal rights saying that’s marriage?”

One one hand I am glad that it was only one person making these comments and not numerous people (although the day is still young and the original poster tends to get a lot of comments on his posts).  On the other hand, this was on a thread discussing the Supreme Court’s decision not to review pending cases on same sex making way for the same sex marriage to be allowed in 5 more states.  This wasn’t about Judaism’s views on homosexuality.

I clicked on the profile of the person making these comments. I was hoping to see a crazy looking person.  Instead I saw a person who appeared to be a father of several nice looking seemingly normal  (whatever that means) children.  As I read these comments my first thought was, “what if one of these children came to you and told you they were gay?” My hope is that this father would be able to look at his child and say, “wow. you’re a person. Maybe I shouldn’t make statements like this and maybe I should try to look at this differently.”  Sadly, I worry that this father makes statements like these all the time and that his children have already heard them.  At best, he’s creating a bunch of little homophobic people disguised as religiously superior individuals.  At worst, one of his children actually is gay and he could be causing this child an inordinate amount of pain and suffering.

I’m beating my head against that proverbial wall. I know I shouldn’t aggravate myself like this, but who knows.  Maybe somewhere in this person’s head there is some rational thought that might allow him not to look at things in such a black and white way.  Maybe someone will get through to him.


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