Campaign For Youth

Mindy Dickler is one of the amazing moms I’ve met through the Eshel Parent Group.  After her son came out several years ago, Mindy was dismayed to learn that there were no organized resources for Jewish LGBTQ people in her city of Baltimore.  Not one to stand by and let things continue with the status quo, Mindy co-founded the organization, JQ Baltimore.  The mission/vision of JQ Baltimore is written on the website as:

Baltimore will be a welcoming and inclusive model Jewish Community for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) individuals, families and allies. In accomplishing this mission, Baltimore area LGBTQ Jewish individuals and their families will have rich and meaningful opportunities to fully participate in Jewish living and learning.

To carry out this vision, JQ Baltimore offers support, education and advocacy for LGBTQ people.

JQ Baltimore has embarked on a campaign to support local LGBTQ teens by providing pro-bono consultations to institutions. They are asking for contributions to help reach their $1800 goal. Once they reach that goal, they will receive $3200 from The Good People Fund.  If this goal is reached the rewards will be amazing and you will be part of it:

You will help countless Jewish teens feel comfortable in their own skin.

You will inspire organizations to take little and big steps to make necessary change.

You will motivate staff and counselor training; gender-neutral, single-stall bathrooms; rewording on synagogue membership forms; and gay straight alliance clubs in schools.

You will nurture Jewish souls as committed members of the community, embraced and not alienated.

You will strengthen the Jewish community by celebrating diversity.

You will prevent tragic suicide by Jewish teens who feel rejected by their faith, with nowhere to turn.

Wow, who knew that one donation could have that kind of impact!!

Please consider donating to this wonderful cause. Any amount will be appreciated. For more information and to donate go to:

Tizku L’mitzvos! Good luck Mindy and JQ Baltimore!!


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