Sick to my stomach

At least six people were stabbed during the Jerusalem Pride Parade today. 

The attacker was a lone wolf attacker but he was an Orthodox Jew.  I’m sure that he is not mentally stable but to be honest, that doesn’t make me feel any better.  I know I have been quiet on this blog since the Supreme Court Decision came down.  Honestly, it was because as much as I felt joy over the decision, I had a hard time with some of the Orthodox community’s reaction.  On one hand there were several Rabbis who came out in support of Orthodox LGBT Jews.* And my circle of friends were amazing.  My husband and I made an impromptu party the night of the ruling and a fair amount of people showed up and others said they would have liked to have come even though they couldn’t make it.  On the other hand, several MAJOR Orthodox organizations and Rabbis put out very public statements against the ruling.

I look at all of this through the eyes of having a gay son.  A gay son who was born into an Orthodox Jewish family.  If he feels antagonized by major Orthodox institutions and Rabbis, why should he even try to remain affiliated at all?  If he sees that someone is willing to hurt, maim or even KILL someone at a gay pride parade in the name of the religion he (my son) was born into, what hope does he have to keep a connection?  Is there a correlation between the negative statements that Orthodox leaders have put out about LGBT individuals and what happened today?

My heart goes out to today’s stabbing victims.  I hope they all survive and have a speedy recovery.  And I hope that this incident shows people how far someone is willing to go in the name of religious zealotry.  And realize that if you rally against a group of people,  you run the risk of someone taking matters into his or her own hands and doing the unthinkable.

*Here is a list of some of the supportive pieces written by Orthodox Rabbis:


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