Video: An Orthodox LGBTQ+ Wish List (and some thoughts)


“I want frum queer people who have the audacity to love yiddishkeit to be celebrated by their communities, not pushed away.”

This is just one of the  beautiful and incredibly articulated thoughts expressed in this video from the  Eshel National Retreat last week.  What I love about this video is that everyone on it appears as they are.  Just regular people who are tired and exhilarated after a long and probably emotional weekend.  They’re not caricatures of what people think LGBT people are.  I want the entire Orthodox world to see this for that reason.  These people are our friends. Our neighbors, our children, our family.  And they want the same things in life that we want.  A place.  Acceptance.  Religion.

You know what was absent in this video? The wish that the Torah will be changed. Sure, there are Orthodox LGBT people whose deepest desire is to make  revisions to certain parts of the Torah that have made their lives pretty miserable, but listen to this list again. Most of the wishes are pretty basic. I recently heard the quote, “The things you take for granted someone else is praying for.”  Straight people who don’t have any real connection to Orthodox (or formerly Orthodox) LGBT people assume that their goal is to somehow dilute the Torah and ruin it for everyone else.  But This video tells me something I’ve suspected all along.  The things I take for granted, are the things that Orthodox LGBT Jews are praying for and are their deepest wishes.

“I want to be treated like everyone else”

“I want my shul to increase my membership dues because I got married.”

“I want you to see me the way G-d sees me”

Doesn’t seem so radical now, does it?


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