Links of Interest

The LGBT Community and Orthodoxy: Video of the Torah in Motion Panel Discussion in Toronto that I mentioned several weeks ago. The panelists are: Rabbi Steven Greenberg, Yeshaya Grossman, Moderator Dr. Elliott Malamet, Carol Seidman, Dr. Marshal Korenblum, and Rabbi Chaim Rapaport. ** I implore you- if you were planning on binge watching “Orange is the New Black” or anything else on Netflix, watch this instead.  It is amazing and important. ** (Special thanks to a loyal reader for sharing this link with me.)

Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, the Chief Rabbi of England has released a statement that shuls must embrace gay Jews.  In his statement following the Orlando Massacre, he said the following:

“In the face of such unspeakable violence, we must be introspective. The Torah takes a clear, well-known position on acts of homosexual intimacy but it also leaves us in no doubt about our responsibility to provide a welcoming environment in our Synagogues and beyond for all Jews, regardless of their level of religious observance, ethnicity or sexuality.

After Orlando, we must take a step beyond condemnation and open our hearts and our Synagogues so that no Jew feels persecuted or excluded from the warm embrace of our communities.”

Milt’s Barbecue For The Perplexed, a kosher Chicago restaurant released the following statement on Facebook:

“Dear Milt’s fans: In commemoration of the tragedy last week in Orlando and in celebration of this week’s Chicago Pride Parade, Milt’s BBQ for the Perplexed is flying the rainbow pride flag through Sunday. As Jews, we at Milt’s stand with all groups that espouse love and inclusiveness. Much to our disappointment, we have a received negative feedback this week, and some customers have said they won’t dine with us as long as the flag is displayed. The flag will stay. We will remove it after Sunday’s parade, as we had originally intended. We sincerely hope our valued customers stand with us, too.”

If you are in or near Chicago, show Milt’s your support and go visit them and eat there!


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